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Down The Drain

Down The Drain

Rain is rare enough in our parched little corner of the country that you think it would be a welcome event for a sudden rainstorm to show up unexpectedly. Unfortunately for me, the sudden downpour revealed a defect in my yard that had been hidden by the years-long drought.

When the previous owners had repaved the backyard, they also needed to redo the plumbing for the drainage system that channeled water away from the yard and into the street. Unfortunately, whatever yahoo crew they hired for the job had used pipes that were way too small and subject to near constant buildups, causing water to back up and refuse to drain.

After I got home on the day of the downpour, I grabbed a cigar and prepared to enjoy my now free afternoon. I stepped out and was treated to an ankle-deep pool of water outside the door that was now no doubt home to millions of mosquito eggs.

I spent the rest of that afternoon manually sweeping water down the path to the street and cursing being a homeowner. I started looking for a plumbing company that could offer San Diego’s best drain cleaning service, because there was no way in hell I was going to spend a potential rainy season doing this over and over.

The company I ended up settling on was California Plumbers down in Chula Vista. The sheer number (200+!!) of positive reviews on Yelp was enough to convince me that these guys were the real deal, and the speed of their response was exactly what I was looking for. Check them out:

Our bathroom sink was clogged and in trying to snake the pipes, I inadvertently push out the p-trap and made a mess with water all over the floor and cabinet.  I noticed that the clog was in the pipe going into the main line.  I search for a local plumbing service and after calling a few, California Plumbing quoted the best price and was able to do the draining services the same day.  They also had a special coupon for those who needed service, a very nice bonus.  They arrived on time, and were [able to remove the clog] in 20 minutes. [They] tested [the] drainage and left everything cleaned.  Amazing service, will highly recommend it.  Answered all my questions and were very professional. – Daniel T., Yelp Review

Read Del G.‘s review of California Plumbing on Yelp

Working with California Plumbing was easy and effective, from scheduling the appointment all the way to work completion. My toilet was making an odd noise and Benji (who was wonderful to work with) was able to immediately diagnose the problem and even showed me exactly what was causing the issue. In my case, my toilet was old and needed a full replacement. Benji was able to come back first thing the next morning and finished the job very quickly. The new toilet is working great and he hauled away the old toilet. Benji was extremely personable, knowledgable and explained things as he went, which I appreciated.

Would definitely recommend California Plumbing to anyone! Thank you California Plumbing and Benji for the quick and thorough work. – Sara S., Yelp Review

I now have the company on speed dial, as I’m sure this isn’t going to be the last time I deal with this problem. If you’re like me and are in urgent need of plumbing services and are tired of being stood up by flighty companies, do yourself a favor and get in contact with California Plumbing.

California Plumbing

(858) 727-3295

455 Willowcrest Way Chula Vista, CA 91910

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