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Trained to Protect

Today’s political climate is a volatile one. Depending on the topic, people can escalate very quickly into an argument right out in public with a perfect stranger. Things have been getting so heated recently that more and more people are going beyond words to express the distaste for other people’s opinions. One of the hot topics is gun control. Should guns be readily available? What kinds should be available? If the are available, who should they be available too? Lots of questions that have multiple answers that are often times delivered with passion and intensity. One of the things at the root of this debate that many people forget to employ in their arguments is protection. Guns were originally written as a right so that we could protect our nation and ourselves from anything. The issue is such a hot topic today because people have used guns to kill instead of protect. These instances are outliers in a large sum of data that points to the use of guns for protection as the primary use but they still hold a significant place in the conversation because of the damage and death they can cause. There is no doubt about it, guns are dangerous and should be handled safely and correctly by a sane person. So how does someone that is sane go about learning how to handle a firearm correctly and safely? When you live in a more rural/urban area, gun ranges and centers for training seem to be harder to come by. Gun education should be a priority for anyone that wants to own a gun for protection. Fortunately for Orange County, there is such a business that exists to make sure anyone who is interested in owning a gun can do so while also being well trained to ensure correctness and safety are utilized in the handling said weapon.

There is an entire offering of training classes that are available to anyone! Learn how to use handguns, shotguns, rifles. You can learn how to use these weapons in different environments to make sure you are prepared for any situation. You get to learn the ins and outs of whatever weapon you want to learn while also getting some great range time with the weapon you own. If you feel that the protection your gun provides should exist outside of your home, these guys some efficient and effective CCW classes if you qualify for the permit. We all know CCW permits don’t get handed out willy nilly but if you qualify, then the guys at Artifex Firearms Training is the way to go. You will get the in dept training that will make you feel comfortable with your weapon both inside and outside the house. Regardless of your feelings about current events, something that should be more important in the dialogue is gun education. People shouldn’t fear guns, they should understand them as a tool for protection that can be handled with safety and ease. Whether you want to simply take a few classes or apply for ccw permit, the guys at Artifex have got your back. The are a great southern California business that is helping educate people on the proper and appropriate ways to utilize a firearm.

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