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Protecting Your Home and Business With a Friendly Neighborhood State Farm Agent

Protecting Your Home and Business With a Friendly Neighborhood State Farm Agent

The world of insurance isn’t going to get many movies made about it, but it is nonetheless an absolutely essential aspect of modern life. Without the protective cushion of insurance, many of our great innovators and entrepreneurs would never be able to take the chance to make their mark on the world, and many home owners would live in constant fear and apprehension, hearts dropping every time they hear the house settle or smell wood fire smoke from their neighbors chimney.

The key to good insurance is, of course, finding the right insurance agent. Not only do they provide higher quality service, they also provide you with an avenue to explore a number of different options  you would have never thought possible. For us here in the L.A. area, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the community favorite, Byron Galindo.

Galindo is the friendly neighborhood State Farm agent in Santa Monica, providing the community with solid service and a local charm you can’t find anywhere else. If you need proof, a quick read through some of his testimonials provide the proof in the pudding:

Alison P. says of Byron in her Yelp review:

Such a personal, helpful person. Beyond insurance Byron helps with any other questions you may have in regard to work benefits and coverage & other expenditures. He was very helpful with my husband’s disability and our auto insurance.
He also loves dogs & allowed us to bring our pup during our meeting! 5 stars for that alone ;)

Nico M. continues from where Alison leaves off here:

Very great service! I have two loans,a credit card, and insurance with Byron and I always refer people when I can. He very knowledgeable and helps a lot anytime I have a question or need to change my car or need a quote for another car(which is about every two months) he’s on it.  His staff is very well trained and always ready to help if you have a question. The Loan part was great too low rate and it gave me crazy buying power when negotiating price as well.

Ravi B. from Google Reviews, finally, makes out our closing remarks:

In a boring industry, Byron has facilitated NOT boring, borderline genius solutions to solving my business insurance needs here in Santa Monica. He’s always willing to talk through hypothetical scenarios and run tests on different, creative ways to minimize insurance costs, and educate me on the bureaucratic nuances he has to deal with on the day to day. I’ve dealt with many insurance agents in my line of work, and I have not come across a more visionary person in insurance — a field that tends to attract risk-averse, don’t-ruffle-any-feathers types. Above all, though, he’s been an advocate and a friend. I’m grateful to have him in my corner.

If you’re in the L.A. area and are in need of business, home, or auto insurance, give Byron a call. His exemplary service will not let you down:

Byron Galindo Insurance

(310) 823-5073 214 Pier Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90405

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