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Eliminating Costly Maintenance In Lake Forest With Quality Fake Green Installations

Eliminating Costly Maintenance In Lake Forest With Quality Fake Green Installations

Ask any golf course owner what they spend the most on during their day-to-day operations, nine times out of ten they’ll answer ‘course maintenance’. As any homeowner can tell you, keeping a lawn alive can be a near-daily headache. By multiplying that headache by the size of a typical golf course, you can imagine how difficult it is to keep each lane clean, uniform, and even.

This is why many golf courses are choosing to reduce that headache as much as possible by replacing their natural turf putting greens with high-quality fake grass alternatives. This replacement eliminates the need for daily mowing, chemical and fertilizer treatments, and hundreds of gallons of water per month.

These benefits aren’t limited to the owners of full-sized golf courses. For the backyard golf enthusiast, installing a synthetic turf putting green can significantly reduce ownership costs while simultaneously stepping up their game. Reducing the burden of maintaining your backyard course lets you focus on improving your putting skills rather than your mowing and lawncare expertise.

Not all synthetic turf installations are created equal, however. Putting greens require a delicate touch and attention to detail to install correctly, which means your installers need to have extensive experience and procedures to ensure the installation’s quality. 

Here in Orange County, one of the few installers I would trust with installing a putting green in my yard is NoMow Turf. NoMow has been installing artificial turf lawns and putting greens all around the county for the better part of a decade, and their extreme attention to detail has gained them a sterling reputation among their clients. Take a look at what their fans are saying:

I couldn’t be more satisfied with how our NoMow Turf turned out. The crew were polite and more importantly paid extreme attention to detail. I needed some extra work done in order to make the area to our liking and they took care of it right away. The putting green area is top notch and they even put a slight slope in it to make it more realistic. The crew double checked with me on the layout and where I wanted the holes etc.

My wife and kids have actually took a liking to the putting green which I must say is quite simply awesome. My friends and family were blown away on how quickly the yard was transformed.

Goodbye gophers, rabbits and large water bill

I will recommend NoMow every time!

– Chris H., Yelp Review

If you are thinking about changing your current grass to artificial turf, NoMow Turf is outstanding!  Pat Bray and his team will make the transition a smooth process, with superb results.

After years of tending to and frequently renewing our sod for a healthy lawn, we finally realized we needed to change to turf.  The 5-star rating given to NoMow Turf caught our attention, and we have been delighted ever since we made that first phone call.  The expertise of Pat & his team made all the difference for us.  He follows strict protocols in removing old grass and properly installing the turf.  He also accommodated our particular HOA and County of Orange requirements.  Our front and back yards look spectacular now.  Thank you, NoMow Turf!

– Donna B., Yelp Review

Maintaining a lawn is difficult work, and maintaining the precise needs of a putting green compounds that work exponentially. If you’re looking for all the benefits of a putting green with a fraction of the work, contact NoMow Turf today about getting a synthetic turf replacement.

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