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The Artificial Turf Installation Process

The Artificial Turf Installation Process

When it comes to cutting the grass time and time again, you will no doubt reach a point in your life where you might just feel sick of it. But who wants to have a garden without grass? Luckily, with synthetic turf, you don’t have to choose between convenience or beauty! Artificial grass has become a very satisfying choice for people who are looking to have a beautiful bed of grass covering the lawn in the garden without any stress. Instead of having to constantly maintain your garden, artificial turf can provide you with:

  • An easy-to-maintain lawn that looks great, will not grow or decay, and will not require watering on a regular basis
  • A comfortable spot to host some outdoor sports or social gathering activities
  • A cost-effective turf that will get rid of the need for pesticides and fertilizer
  • A beautiful front yard that will be the envy of everyone in your neighborhood!

When installed correctly, synthetic turf improves the aesthetics of your garden without any sweat or tears! It looks great and adds value to your home.

Installing artificial turf for your home makes a lot of sense. You can get a professional, high-quality Synthetic Turf installation in Orange County from NoMow Turf.

Macro Shot of Grass Field

How is artificial turf installed?

While the process is likely to change depending on the company that installs the turf, you will often find that the process will follow a general procedure. Firstly, the fitting team will need to have the tools needed for installing the compact base and weed barrier, as well as positioning and trimming the turf. Then, the installation team will take the time to measure the full dimensions of your artificial turf area. This will include the height, width, and length of the turf being fitted. Then, the artificial turf will be cut into the size that is needed for the total surface area that you intend to install it in. This will require a turf cutter for easy, accurate slicing. The ground then has to be compacted down. This will be done by using a roller or a vibrating plate. Before anything else happens, the installation team will use a weed-killing membrane to stop anything from poking through your artificial grass in the future. A sand or stone base is then fitted, with a minimum recommended height to make sure that growth is not going to take place where it shouldn’t. The synthetic grass is then placed down, edges first, and then it is rolled out onto the full surface area. This will be done with a natural flow to it, ensuring that it has a look and feel that mimics real grass. Once it is settled, little finishing touches will be applied, such as getting rid of any of the excesses and joining the parts of turf together. It is then pinned down and brushed over, ensuring that the artificial turf looks utterly fantastic at the end of the project.

Voila! Enjoy your seamless and year-round green grass.

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