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Standing Up To Back Pain and Counter Productivity

California is a state that values forward thinking companies. As California’s large economy continues to grow, so does that amount of business, both old and new, that are taking on the new mindset of our latest generation to hit the workforce. The age of working 9-5 in a cubicle is coming to an end. Are there companies that will forever need cubicles of different sizes and amounts? Sure, but many modern businesses don’t really need them. Instead, many businesses are creating working models for employees where they can work from a desk, or from home… at a desk. Don’t cubicles have desks? What’s the difference? Well cubicles create enclosed spaces that don’t really promote work synergy and teamwork. Any time people are forced to work in solitude, it normally doesn’t workout for their happiness. Creating a working environment with desks out in the open creates a better condition for feeling less confined and more in tune with others in the office. If your workers have good work ethic and motivation, they can even work from home desks! While these new working models are restructuring a lot about the workplace, they still aren’t solving one major problem. Sitting. People are sitting for far too long for far too long. Lucky for us here in Southern California, there is new kind of desk that’s permeating businesses all over. Sit to Stand Desks.

So why is it important to stand while you work instead of sit? Fitness Magazine sheds some light on the health issues surrounding the issue:

“It’s all about finding the right balance. If you’re an on-the-move type, that may mean being on your feet for most of the day and sprinkling in a few sitting breaks to take pressure off your back. “I stand while leading my classes, but standing is also my preferred mode of working; I stood 70 or 80 percent of the time while writing my book,” says Miller, the author of The Roll Model: A Step-by-Step Guide to Erase Pain, Improve Mobility, and Live Better in Your Body.

On the other hand, if you’re a typical desk jockey or can’t stay focused while on your feet, the right schedule might look more like this: Sit when you need to and take a 10-minute standing break once an hour. To ease neck and back strain, it’s important for several of your breaks from sitting to also be breaks from typing. Step away from the computer to make a call or do some gentle exercises.”

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No matter what business or industry you work in, the message is the same. You need to move more. You need to keep you body working as often as you can in ways that are beneficial to you. Standing is one of them. So where is everyone getting their sit to stand desks? There are few businesses offering them in the Southern California are but one sticks out to us. If you are business that wants to treat your employees to a longer life spam and a better quality of life, then check our Creative Office Design. They are the premier office furniture company offering stand up desks in Orange County.

They are great company looking out for the employees at work as well as the ones at home. Stand up desks work for almost any desk. Quit sitting around hurting yourself and your health and consider a sit to stand desk. We suggest you consider getting one or ten from Creative Office Design.

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