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The Evolution and Healthcare of Humankind’s Best Friend

The Evolution and Healthcare of Humankind’s Best Friend

Did you know that dogs and humans have been found to enrich each other’s lives? Based on the research, when dogs and humans lock their eyes, their brains generate oxytocin, which is associated with mental bonding. 

However, how and when did this incredible connection begin? 

When Did Dog Domestication Start?

Researchers timed the domestication of dogs to between 20,000-40,000 years ago by studying the rates of modifications to the DNA from the specimen they gathered. It is assumed that it began when a population of wolves moved to the outskirts of hunter-gather camps to scavenge to leftovers. The tamed and aggressive dogs were successful at this. Eventually, the wolves would evolve into dogs. 

The friendship between humans and dogs began building as the dogs moved closer to human settlement. At the time, humans needed to help with herding and hunting. Dogs might have presented a source of companionship and an early alarm system that we all know and love today. In return, canines gained food, protection, shelter, and companionship. 

Taking Care of Dogs: How Dogs Enrich Our Lives as Pet Owners

Pets are considered a loving daily presence in everyone’s lives. They are there when humans get up in the morning and wait for them when they get home from a tiring day at work. They do not care if their pet owners are not feeling or looking at their best; dogs with love you unconditionally. Pets love humans for basically existing as their guardians and masters.

If you have been dreaming of becoming a dog owner, consider giving a home to a rescued dog. Owning a dog is rewarding and fun. However, these creatures have complex needs, and every dog is distinct. It is crucial to understand their needs. To prevent dogs from suffering from health problems such as cardiac arrest, regular visits to a veterinarian are imperative. There are real responsibilities when it comes to dog healthcare; choose a veterinary professional with the certifications and experience to provide the best care.

Pug Sleeping Beside Woman on Bed

A plethora of scientific research discusses the benefits of pet ownership, some of which include: 

  • Pets lower general stress level and help combat depression
  • Pets help to console their owners in the recovery and grieving of the loss of a loved one
  • Dog owners are substantially less likely to die within the following year after surviving a heart attack
  • Owning a dog has been proven to help lower blood pressure
  • Senior dog owners had fewer doctor visits throughout a year than those non-dog owners
  • Dog owners are more likely to be physically fit and active than the general population 
  • Pet owners tend to experience lower degrees of loneliness
  • Researchers recommend that early contact with pets might help lessen the development of allergies in kids 

Investing in veterinary healthcare is crucial to maintaining these integral benefits of the pet and human relationship.

The history of the domestication of dogs is rich and complex. The different theories bring illumination and color into a fascinating story, even though we may not have a consensus on what precisely led to the existence of the pet who is very likely sleeping on a person’s couch at this moment.

No matter what the true story might be about dog evolution as well as dog domestication, there is no doubt that pet lovers are very grateful that it occurred. 

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