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The Effects of Divorce Litigation Compared to Mediation

The Effects of Divorce Litigation Compared to Mediation

For anyone in a serious relationship, marriage is an important decision that one will most likely consider. To most of us, having a lasting union with the person that we love is quite literally what we live for. However, as you might already know, divorce rates in the United States are quite high. When we get married, often the reality of our living, economic, and personal situation will all come into focus. Many people find out that the dream is simply not the reality.

That is why we recommend that if you are thinking about divorce, consider the solutions which are open to you. While divorce rates have come down in the last few years, it remains a very prevalent possibility. It isn’t “happily ever after” for everyone, which is why we highly recommend you think about marriage critically before committing. Are you ready for the challenge that being in a marital union can bring to you in the long run? And if you find that your marriage is in serious trouble and divorce is on the horizon, what should you actually do about it?

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Divorce impacts you in more ways than one

Many people think that getting divorced is the equivalent of moving on from a bad relationship—but it isn’t. Divorce isn’t like dumping your boyfriend or girlfriend; it is far more serious. It is not like ending a non-martial relationship, where you can literally never see each other again. Divorce almost always comes to the point where it will be a long and drawn out. Divorce often means days in court. Family law litigation almost always has a large financial cost. The average cost of divorce is as high as $15,000 per person on average. So, it’s not something that is cheap; legal fees, outside expertise, and court costs will all add up. It means a lot of emotional trauma, often leading to a breakdown in relationships. People that you both know will be seen as ‘taking sides’, and you can find that it just makes your actual ability to retain relationships much harder.

Why you should consider mediation as an alternative

Instead of having days of bitter arguments in court, consider going down the route of divorce mediation. Not only is this less costly, it often means that both parties can walk away with their relationship intact (to a point), and their emotions in check. OC Mediation expert Colleen McNamee has even worked with couples who ended up rekindling their love through the process of mediation! Instead of turning friends, family, and even children against one another, divorce via mediation is the ideal way to go for most people. It’s going to help ensure that less harm befalls either party and/or anyone directly related to you.

When you allow divorce to become drawn out and bitter, litigation becomes a process that can take years, whereas mediation could only take days or weeks. Instead of painful separation, you might still be able to find time for one another later in life. It’s all about trying to find the less abrasive solution, and mediation often makes the best choice. Divorce does not have to be a lose-lose game, it can be a win-win settlement. You can give McNamee Mediations a call.

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