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A Natural Solution to Your Pest Problems

As our featured company states in the first line of their website, “there are two types of wooden homes and other buildings: 1) those that have termites, and 2) those that will get them.” Any homeowner can tell you their nightmare situation when it comes to their houses breaking down, and a bug infestation is almost always at the top of their list.

A lot of the time those homeowners are hesitant to get in contact with an exterminator, though – they get scared that their house will be hosed down in harmful chemicals that may affect them, their kids, their pets, and even just the environment in general once the bugs are all gone. With every industry going green and the news coming out every day about this and that chemical turning out to be harmful, it would be nice if the exterminator could find some way of making their trade a little more health-conscious.

Well, as it turns out, some companies are making that dream a possibility. If you’re looking for natural termite extermination and pest control, you need to look no further than Natural Science Extermination, the featured company of the day. David and his crew have been working for years to ensure their clients’ houses are well protected using a number of different natural formulas that creepy-crawlies can’t help but avoid

Using natural elements like orange oil compounds, Natural Science Extermination is able to eliminate infestations of subterranean and drywood termites, ants, and cockroaches, to make sure you don’t turn on the lights at night and discover some nasty surprises. Their detection skills allow them to recognize the signs of infestation early and deal with the threats without the need for the typical deadly concoction of chemicals and days of house tenting.

Not only that, but they offer a number of additional services, including the replacement of rotten or pest-damaged wood discovered during the extermination process. Chelsea from Newport Beach also had this to say about their treatment of their client’s animals during an inspection: “They are very good with animals too. My friend used them and was very concerned her fur babies would get out if the gates were left open while the team was performing their inspection and she was very happy with the level of care and attention the team gave to keeping the animals safe inside the property.”

With impeccable service and special attention paid to detail (even making sure the family pets are safe and secure while performing an inspection!), Natural Science Extermination would be an enticing option for your pest control needs even without the environmentally friendly icing on top. They operate all over Orange County and Long Beach, so if you’re looking for a termite inspection in Garden Grove, roach control in Newport Beach or some natural preventative measures in Huntington, give David and his crew a quick shout. They make quick and free initial inspections, and if your house’s bug problem turns out to need a tenting after all, they have a year-long contract that ensures that your house is well and truly pest-free.

Natural Science Extermination

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