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The Lawncare Struggle

The Lawncare Struggle

When I was a youngster living out in the suburbs of east Texas, I distinctly remember a common sight in my backyard: my father, beer in hand, looking out over his carefully manicured lawn in self satisfaction. That satisfaction was ended one year with the appearance of the dreaded patch.

For whatever reason, about a square meter of the lawn suddenly browned and began losing small patches of grass. My father, proud over his lawn as he was, could not accept this, and so began a two year battle with this mysterious patch of earth that would prove to be more than a match for him.

The man did everything he could think of; he rerouted the sprinkler system to ensure that the patch was getting enough water, he dug up the turf and layered some new turf on top, he tried different varieties of grass, fertilizer, and pesticides, he even dug up the soil and replaced it with some he bought and some he dug up somewhere where grass was growing healthy and plentiful. None of it worked, and so the patch remained until we moved out years later.

My father never recovered from the repeated failures with that patch of ground; his lawn care routine became less and less precise, until one year he finally gave up the ghost entirely and hired a landscaper. Just a few years previously he would have considered that the ultimate failure of a home owning man.

Luckily, I learned many lessons from this when I was growing up. First of all, I made sure my dog would have a dedicated spot to relieve himself far away from anything I really cared about in my yard; second of all, I would not be dealing with a natural turf yard.

So, when I bought my first home, step one for me was to get rid of the natural grass and get an artificial turf installation. The home was definitely a bit of a fixer-upper, and the state of the landscaping left much to be desired, so I knew I had to get a team who knew what they were doing.

That meant calling NoMow Turf, an artificial turf installation company that specialized in getting tough jobs done quickly and efficiently. I knew them from some friends who were in a similar situation to mine, but if you need proof of their abilities, all you have to do is look up some of the reviews their clients have left them over the years:

“Sierra and the team at No Mow Turf were absolutely fantastic. They were so quick to come out and get a proposal. They understood from our initial phone call what we wanted and put the proposal together without even meeting us (due to our work schedules). They patiently waited while we price shopped and then got us on the schedule quickly when we were ready to proceed.

Our project took a lot of work–it included pulling up landscaping, demoing concrete stepping pads, leveling out a 700 square foot area that was in terrible shape, and prepping it for the turf. The crew moved quickly and methodically, but didn’t cut any corners. Although they hoped to finish in one day, they knew they wouldn’t get it done perfectly so they took two days. We were blown away by the quality of the job, including turf installed with precision even behind our two AC units. When the job was done, they cleaned up impeccably and you’d never know there had been a 5 foot high pile of road base in our front yard the day before.

I can’t recommend No Mow Turf highly enough. Everything about this project was top quality, and the price was unbeatable.”

Karen de Zwart, Google Review

My father may not have accepted the replacement of his natural turf with synthetic grass, but that doesn’t mean us in the younger generations have to accept the endless struggle of maintaining our lawns. Get in contact with NoMow Turf and say goodbye to the lawncare grind.

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