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The Key To Increasing Property Value

The Key To Increasing Property Value

My wife and I are in the process of finding a house for ourselves here in sunny southern California. While we swipe through properties on and Zillow, I’ve noted a distinct pattern in the properties my wife and I have shown more interest in.

When listed, homes on these sites have a primary image that pops up as you scroll through the local offerings – kind of like the profile picture you have on social media. These showcase the property’s biggest selling point, and usually, it contains either a shot of the exterior or a particularly impressive room in the interior.

As I peruse through the homes that my wife and I have saved, a full nine out of the 12 properties utilize external shots. If the house has a well-kept, beautiful, and inviting exterior, we are far more likely to become interested in the property, no matter if the cost is a little above our budget!

The science bears this out – good landscaping not only improved curb appeal but also raised the home’s value in buyers’ eyes by as much as 15%! With the additional psychological benefits provided by a well-tended yard and garden, it’s not hard to see why landscaping shouldn’t just be an afterthought when it comes to renovating your home.

Landscaping is more than just hiring the usual mow-and-blow gardeners that wake you up on weekends, however. To get the full value and effect of good landscaping, you need solid planners and designers to create something that matches the aesthetic of your home.

For those of our readers who are in need of landscape designs in Mission Hills and the greater San Diego area, that can only mean contacting Torrey Pins Landscaping. Their work has not only been featured in a number of local and national publications, they also have some of the most consistently glowing praise we’ve seen for a company in any industry. Check some of them out:

Read Ryan S.‘s review of Torrey Pines Landscape Company on Yelp

Our backyard garden remodel just recently was completed by Torrey Pines Landscape and we could not be more thrilled with the execution and the final result! Harry Thompson and his crew designed our dream backyard and made it a reality. Our space is on a city-sized lot in the Banker’s Hill area and he addressed every challenge our space presented. The entire crew was completely respectful of our privacy, maintaining our security of our yard and keeping the site neat and tidy at the end of each day. Every day, either Harry or Mark would come and check in on the progress of the project and Harry had the crew rebuild part of our custom fountain because he was not satisfied with how it looked initially! Dave, the project supervisor was fantastic to work with and provided valuable insight for things concerning the BBQ island and how the layout would work best. Every single detail was considered, from dog-friendly plants to lighting. I can not recommend them highly enough, they are true craftsmen and if you can dream it, they can create it!

– Frank H., Yelp Review

If you’re looking for an edge when putting your home on the market, landscaping renovations are one of the best methods. Work with the best by calling Torrey Pines Landscaping:

Torrey Pines Landscaping


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