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Where Design Meets Inspiration

Where Design Meets Inspiration

There are two kinds of people. People who use their kitchen and people who don’t. The reasoning behind this, however, isn’t as simple as a preference for takeout Chinese food. Sometimes, your kitchen just isn’t a comfortable—or practical—place to spend your time. Cooking, cleaning, socializing, a kitchen is meant for so many things. You need it to be the best place to do each of these things in.

Looking for the best kitchen remodel in Orange County? Look no further! Inspired Remodels is the business you need to make it happen. It’s all in the name. Their website says it best, they “truly ‘make inspired ideas tangible floor to ceiling,’ at a price you can afford.”

The best kitchen remodeler in Orange County, Inspired Remodels, is there to make your house a home. Jared B. says it best, “Very happy customer. Joe gave us our favorite layout for a kitchen remodel that was well beyond what our other contractors came up with, and the price was certainly fair for the work involved. All subs were easy to communicate and work with. Jason was always available and helped us understand each step, and was very hands-on making sure things were taken care of. Very happy with the outcome and have gotten many compliments on their work since.” 

Just look at this remodeled kitchen! I’m obsessed with the white countertops coupled with the stainless steel appliances and gray cabinets. It’s such a simple and modern look. If you notice, they added a touch of whimsical in the patterned backsplash. There’s no telling what this kitchen looked like before, but now it looks like a modern kitchen out of a movie or magazine!

See how the light filters in from the countryside, and is able to bounce on light counter spaces and windowsill? This contrast of light and dark gives the kitchen that rich, contemporary feel, without overshadowing the natural beauty peeping in through the windows. 

Even though this kitchen space is smaller, it still glows from within. Style and beauty doesn’t always have a dimensions requirement or price tag. That’s what Inspired Remodels want to help you with. Achieving that look you want.

Do you know what else is neat? Inspired Remodels is a distributor of Decora, Kitchen Craft, and Waypoint cabinet manufacturers. This gives you access to the best, high-quality kitchen cabinet manufacturers available at a reasonable price. This isn’t the case with just any kitchen remodeler!

The thing is, the relationship with Inspired Remodels doesn’t just start with the laborer remodeling your kitchen. It starts with the initial design and consultation. They will discuss the design and style you want to strive for, and they believe your budget shouldn’t hold you back. They’ll work with you and even provide a CAD 3D kitchen design so that you can see what your choices will look like once installed. Easy, beautiful, and simple. 

You’ll finally be free to be excited about your remodel!

You can contact them at:

Inspired Remodels

21098 Bake Pkwy, Ste 100, Lake Forest, CA 92630

(949) 716-1938

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