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Wealth and Marriage. Does Money Lead to Higher Rates of Divorce?

There has been a ton of studies surrounding divorce. Why is it on the rise? What marriages are doomed before they even begin? Are people becoming less and less monogamous? So many questions surrounding such a hot topic that continues to effect people and families at a rate that continues to climb. Currently, the national average for divorce is around 50%. Around half of all marriages end in divorce and that national average has been slowly growing. What it is more alarming and applicable to the purpose of this site and what are specialists are looking into is the stats of divorce in Orange County. Southern California is an expensive place to live and as such means the median income for the area is pretty high. People have to make more money to live in the area. One of the more expensive counties in Southern California is Orange County. Can you guess what the divorce rate for the county is? A whopping 72%. Almost three quarters of all marriages in the county will end. So is this correlative to the amount of money people are making in the area? Some studies suggest that it is. So how are people in the area dealing with this significant problem? This brings us to our business feature for this post.

With the cost of living and the higher median income of people living in Orange County, most services and things tend to cost a little more. This is definitely the case when it comes to divorce. Divorce can be extremely expensive depending on how much money and assets the couple may have had together. Most people think that divorcing with an attorney or two is the only way. Attorney fees end up costing on average $180,000 between both parties and their respective fees. The divorce attorneys in Orange County have to be making a killing! Luckily, a business has popped up that has come up with a way to workaround these astronomical fees. Divorce mediation. There is mediation for most things that are difficult to resolve. Why can’t their be mediation for divorce? Luckily, for the people seeking to divorce in Orange County, there is a divorce mediator that has setup shop and can provide all the services of an attorney but with a better outcome. Work with a divorce mediator to settle all the details of the split without having to pay the extreme attorney fees that would normally incur when attorneys get involved. Don’t think a mediator would be helpful in your situation? Think that you and your spouse simply wont ever agree on anything? We think you should give it a try anyways. After reading the almost countless reviews of this business, we think any failing marriage would be a candidate for the their services. We believe they can mediate just about any divorce making them the best family law mediators in Orange County.

If you still aren’t feeling convinced, please please please check out their Yelp. Its probably the best Yelp profile we’ve ever seen.

Divorce Mediator Yelp

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