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The Remedy To A Homeowner’s Worst Nightmare

The Remedy To A Homeowner’s Worst Nightmare

They creep through your walls and floors. They hardly make a sound. They cause billions of dollars of damage all over the United States, every year.

Imagine this: you were vacuuming your floors, and then suddenly your vacuum goes through the wall at the baseboard. You’re simultaneously angry and perplexed.

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Welcome to the world of termites—a homeowner’s worst nightmare.

Termites are insect pests that feed on wood. They typically invade homes and eat away at your house, undetected.

The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) has shared warning signs of termites. If you notice winged termites, these are swarmers that tend to lead their colonies into your home to infest during the springtime. These winged termites will shed their wings; discarded wings are often the only visible signs of invasion.

If you hear a hollow sound when tapping on wood, it has likely been hollowed out as a result of being eaten from the inside. Furthermore, termites leave moist excretions as they consume wood. And they build out mud tubes to travel through surfaces.

If you have been dealt with a termite infestation, you should not attempt to treat the situation yourself. Some people will attempt this, which can be futile or extremely unsafe. Instead, you should call an expert.

That said, we understand that homeowners have their hesitations before calling an exterminator. There are horror stories of exterminators exaggerating the severity of the situation, in order to mislead the customer for more profit. These types of exterminators are unethical. As a homeowner, no one likes to envision their entire house being sprayed with pest-killing chemicals, when the situation does not require such. That is why we wanted to highlight a company who takes an eco-friendly attack on pests, Natural Science Exterminating, which offers pest control in Garden Grove. They consider tent fumigation as a last resort. Many exterminating companies will use chemicals that are ineffective, rendering the home a dangerous environment for its owners. Natural Science Exterminating uses only the most effective, scientifically-tested solutions.

Moreover, the company offers inspection, which is a proactive measure you can take against the destruction caused by termites. The best cure is always prevention. Catching a termite infestation early on can prevent the severity of the situation from escalating, saving your wallet thousands of dollars in extermination and repair costs in the long term. Their experts can provide a thorough examination of your home. If any evidence of infestation has been found, they can contain and act on the affected area before the termite colony spreads.

As Sun Tzu would say, you should never underestimate your enemy. You must be prepared to face them, as they may attack at any moment.

Termites are relentless little terrors, and they can cause immense damage if untreated. If you are in need of an expert exterminator on your side, you can give Natural Science Exterminating a call. They have an excellent reputation, and over 25 years of experience. All work is bonded and guaranteed.

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