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Trends in Divorce and Marriage in The United States

Trends in Divorce and Marriage in The United States

When it comes to marriage and family, some things are certain. Married people generally thought to have better finances, better work performances, higher incomes, larger savings, and a greater accumulation of assets than single people. Evidence shows that as individuals and as a society, marriage is a good option for couples who wish to start a family.

Having said that, despite all of the advantages the institution of marriage offers over being single, the value of marriage continues to fall in America.
Divorce, cohabitation, remaining single, or having children out of wedlock are becoming popular choices rather than marriage. The stigma of these choices is fading away, and with changing conceptions about sex, use of birth controls, and acceptable living arrangements, career decisions, many now consider marriage unnecessary.

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Although this paints a grim picture of the situation, divorce has not been on the rise. Instead, it has been declining over the last decade. According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, the crude divorce rate (the number of divorces per one thousand people) is indeed at 50%, but divorce has mostly been prevalent among certain demographics.

Although divorce is prevalent in the United States, there are certain considerations for couples who decide to divorce. All of these depend on the couple’s situation. For example, the divorce process for short-term marriages that involve no children or property is less complex than marriages that have lasted many years with significant properties, marital debt, children, and entanglements.

What Couples Can Expect When You Decide To Divorce

One spouse will serve the petition on the order. When both spouses agree to the divorce, the other spouse only needs to sign an acknowledgment of the receipt of service. The respondent spouse can then file a response in the agreement or not. Each party is mandated to disclose information about their assets, liabilities, income, and expenses. If the spouses agree on the terms of the divorce, then the process continues with little paperwork, and once the court enters the judgment, the divorce becomes final.

It is best to consult with a divorce law firm before making decisions throughout the process, such as whether to live in a separate residence. You may have to consider temporary living arrangements with your spouse.

Telling the children about the divorce tends to be the most difficult, but depending on the age, children usually anticipate the news, as they may have been aware of the distress: screaming, crying, and the lack of smiles and laughter.  

It is crucial to learn about the different legal options available in your state. Research and prepare questions for choosing the right attorney for you. For those seeking a divorce attorney in Santa Ana, Shuff Law Firm’s lawyers and paralegals are committed to serving the bests interests of you and your children during the legal separation process.

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