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The Leadership Coach

The Leadership Coach

Mary heard birds chirping outside her bedroom window. She stretched her arms and opened her eyes to a sun-filled room. Oh crap, she thought, the sun! She scrambled to find her alarm clock, which had apparently not gone off this morning. The clock read 8:34, which meant she was supposed to be walking into the Starbucks on 4th street downtown in precisely 26 minutes to meet a business coach, Royce Reno. Royce had developed a specialized set of LeadershipSOPs that he was seeing dramatic results from.

She grabbed her laptop, threw on some clothes, and she was out the door. She ran by the bus stop that was just down the block. No time for the bus today, she thought. She lived in Uptown which was quite literally “up” a huge hill. Downtown was, of course, down the hill. She took off running with gravity on her side.

Her watch read 9:07 as she walked through the doors. Showing up late to a Leadership Development expert was not the start she had hoped for. She also had picked a bad day to wear a tight gray shirt, she thought, examining her sweat stains. She recognized Royce from his business card picture. He was sipping a coffee and eating a bagel, which by the looks of it he had been eating for several minutes. Crap, Mary thought.

All the sudden his eyes shot up from his phone and he was looking directly at her. She took a couple more steps forward and then extended her hand, “Hi, I’m Mary from Redirectionsomatics. You must be Royce, it’s nice to meet you!” 

“Hi Mary, it’s a pleasure to meet you as well,” Royce replied. He examined her drenched shirt and said with a slight smile, “Did you run here?”

“Oh, um yes. I had errh an alarm clock malfunction this morning,” Mary said, “Technology hates me.” She started to sit down while fumbling with her laptop. Royce was staring at her kindly. “I’m so sorry I’m late. We can get right to it then. I’m primarily here to talk with you about your business model. I’ve heard that you give business owners 3 simple tips that will help turn their business around. Is that true?”

“I see you’ve done your homework and checked out my website. I’m impressed,” Royce said, trying to make her feel comfortable as he could tell how flustered she was. “The first tip to running a successful business is, show up on time,” Royce said with a grin.

Mary blushed and she felt her whole face turn red. Well, at least he’s enjoying this she thought, “Um, great, what are the other 2 tips?”

Royce continued, “Well, the second tip is, be organized. It’s as simple as that really. If you show up on time and you are organized, you are going to be well ahead of the game. Obviously, these are pretty simple, but understanding them is one thing, executing on them is where the real work is, and that is where I excel.”

Mary was taking notes feverishly as he talked.

Royce continued, “The last tip is the most important, only do what you’re passionate about. If you aren’t passionate about what you do it won’t be any fun and typically you will fail. Be on time, stay organized, do what you are passionate about. 1, 2, 3. It’s that simple. Now, I wish I could stay to talk longer, but I have a client I have to meet.”

“Oh, of course! This is actually really great stuff,” Mary said. “Not that I thought you weren’t going to give me great stuff! That came out wrong.” Okay, now he was definitely laughing at her, Mary thought. Her face turned red.

“I’m sorry,” he said, “It was truly a pleasure to meet you.”

“Well, happy to be of service,” Mary replied, as Royce packed up his things and headed for the door.

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