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Redefining Your Divorce

Redefining Your Divorce

There are a lot of reasons for getting a divorce, whether it be cheating, domestic abuse, or just irreconcilable differences discovered after years of living together. Often, divorces can be attributed to dire circumstances one or both participants in the partnership are facing, though those circumstances may be temporary.

If your marriage ended because you happened to be down-and-out, or were facing extraordinary levels of stress and catastrophe, once you emerge from the situation, you’re left with a divorce settlement that no longer matches the circumstances of your life. In these instances, renegotiating the divorce becomes essential, especially if the relationship produced children.

Renegotiating your divorce is a tricky and delicate operation, best left to the best legal minds in the field. For our local readers, this means enlisting the best child support lawyer in Orange County – Tamara Shuff.

Tamara and her father have made names for themselves as two of the most successful custody attorneys in the OC since the firm opened its doors all the way back in 1974. The firm has renegotiated and settled hundreds of divorce and custody cases in the decades since to the benefit of their many clients, as their many glowing testimonials on Yelp can attest to:

“After 6 years of having one disappointment after another with a different attorney I decided to find someone else that would hopefully do a better job. From the very first phone call Shuff Law Firm handled my unique case with respect and care. Tamara was simply amazing. I was kept apprised of everything that was happening as it happened. The job she did was so well done that the ex actually backed down and reversed her decision to go to court for more support. I can finally take the last step in moving forward with my life thanks to the hard work of Tamara and the team at Shuff Law Firm.

If you have to go through a divorce, then you have to use them.”

Michael G., Yelp Review

“Shuff Law Firm was recommended to me by a dear friend and I highly recommend them to you!

Joe, Tamara and their entire team work with the utmost professionalism coupled with a genuine care for their clients needs. This Father- Daughter team brings many many years of experience to the table! They’ll represent you with integrity, honesty, and a great energy, yet will not be steamrollered by opposing counsel.

Most recently, Tamara held my hand during an incredibly tough situation while believing in me and the justice to prevail. Her kind heart keeps her honest and her experience keeps her strong!

I can’t recommend Shuff Law Firm enough!”

Laura K., Yelp Review

“Tamara is an amazing lawyer and person.  She really made me feel confident and safe during the process.  Tamara is a sharp, caring thorough and passionate lawyer who will go above and beyond to stick up for you make sure everything goes smooth.  When you need a lawyer, it’s really nice to have one that takes the initiative and explains the whole process of what is happening and what to expect so that you feel prepared.”

Megan R., Yelp Review

If you believe your life’s circumstances have changed substantially enough that your divorce requires renegotiation, give the Shuffs a call. You may be able to spend more time with your children, or reduce the level of financial responsibility you have for your previous spouse.

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