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Reduce Office Waste

I once worked at a small business whose owner absolutely hated paying out money for anything he determined to be unimportant, whether it be providing the tech staff with any laptop made after 2005 or providing anything other than Folger’s instant in the rec room. While he had no qualms about spending thousands on a massive arcade gaming system (that no one ever used, ever!) for the office, this penny pinching did extend to one area that anyone else with a brain may consider vital – cleaning services!

Every Monday I would come in to work to see that the paper towel dispenser was still empty in the bathroom, the carpets were mostly untouched by any vacuum, and the dust on the file cabinets were thick enough to make me have violent sneezing fits the minute I tried to take out some paperwork. We would try to approach him with these issues, and he would always say he would give them a talking to.

Well, whatever words he used never seemed to work! When we mentioned that perhaps it was time to find a new cleaning service, he angrily sent us packing telling us that we were being babies and finding good cleaning services came way too expensive.

Well, after experiencing this for years, today I wanted to highlight one of the better commercial cleaning businesses that will not break the bank. That service? Quality Building Services.

Quality Building Services is one of the best commercial cleaning businesses in the Hesperia and greater Inland Empire region. Their area of operations extends from the High Desert to the Inland Empire, so if you have a business that needs an experienced and deft hand for cleaning, these are the people who you want to talk to.

Mondays are hard enough on employees without them finding out that there’s no toilet paper left as they reach towards the dispenser, and if you plan on having any customers coming to your office to check the place out, you can forget about getting their business if they see a roach poking its head out from under the counter as they sit with you to eat lunch.

A solid and timely commercial cleaning service can save you and your employees the frustration, embarrassment, and disgust of finding something particularly unpleasant left over from last week’s company lunch still putrefying in the kitchen trash can as they return to work. Multiple studies have shown that employees are not only more productive in a cleanly environment, but also more than a bit happier about not having to clean the office themselves after their coworker has left their little disposable coffee cup on their cubicle wall for the twentieth time that month.

If you are looking for office cleaners in Hesperia, High Desert, or Inland Empire regions of southern California, we here at Redirection heartily recommend you utilize the services of Quality Building Services. We promise, you won’t miss the smell.

If you’re interested in using the services provided by the featured company in this article, check them out at:

Quality Building Services

(909) 510-0127

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