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Lawn Solutions for your Desert Home

Now, this one is going to start a little strange, but keep with me. You’ll see where I’m going with it soon.

The idea for this article came recently to me as I was walking through a rather unusual place for a blog of this type – a cemetery. Emerging from my car and walking through the grounds, I noticed something rather unpleasant – almost a third of the property seemed to be either bare dirt or brown, dying grass.

Now, I’m not a homeowner here in Southern California. I don’t have a lot of experience with lawn upkeep. Walking past the ‘Renovations Coming Soon’ sign the staff had put up lining the grounds every 30 feet on the road, though, I thought about how difficult it must be for a typical family to keep their lawns alive and vibrant if even a place like this struggled with it. So much money and effort to keep the environment looking as beautiful and serene as possible, and yet so much of it barren and dying.

It brought me back to my days playing youth soccer here in southern California, and how many of the playing fields were nothing but big patches of dirt with the occasional clump of weeds, which immediately turned to a big puddle of squelching mud the second it drizzled. Yet, despite this, I still saw gardeners and landscapers working those fields every week.

It really pounded the point home to me: keeping grass alive and healthy in our beautiful-yet-arid portion of the state is a very costly and very difficult task. For that reason, I began to think of some alternatives were I to buy a home here that might save me a buck and a big headache.

My first thought was the Las Vegas solution, which was just having a big patch of rocks in place of a lawn. This was discarded immediately, as I have come to genuinely hate rock yards due to the times I’ve spent there trying to awkwardly walk through a friend’s back yard, yelling and cursing with every step. This led me to the next most popular option, astroturf.

Once again, my first inclination was to discard that option as well. My only real experience with turf grass was in Orange County growing up, when our high school football field was torn up and replaced with turf. It would get so hot in the summer you could feel the heat radiating into your shoes, and every wrong step would send rubber pellets straight into your socks.

What changed my mind was a revelation during a recent walk with my dog – passing by a house with an immaculate lawn, I stopped and wondered how they did it. The owner came out, noticed me looking, and struck up a conversation about it. As it turned out, they had actually gotten a company to come out for an artificial turf installation to replace all their live grass after years of struggling with the environment.

Apparently, in the years since I graduated high school, the quality of turf has improved pretty significantly. I asked them who provided the work, and they mentioned that it was a local company by the name of NoMow Turf, which was recommended to them by another friend. Operating since 2005, they’ve been providing Southern California with draught-proof lawns that conform to the shape and style of your yard.

Curiosity sated, I continued on my walk, secure in the knowledge that there was a way to keep a vibrant green yard without the daily hassle of manicuring the lawn.

If you’re interested in replacing your dying grass with high quality turf, give NoMow Turf a call:

NoMow Turf,

(855) 968-8873

26774 Vista Terrace Lake Forest, CA 92630

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