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Give Our County Character with Custom Built Homes

One of the major complaints I hear consistently in regards to modernization is how cookie cutter and plain the architecture has become, especially in regards to housing. Neighborhoods are created and built with 5-8 basic designs, repeating endlessly until the space has been completely used up. It isn’t until decades later that homeowners modify the houses enough that they become recognizable and differentiated from one another, and only then can you qualify them as having any ‘character’.

What this leads to are boring, uninspired neighborhoods with no sense of shared history or any semblance of community. Architecture reflects the hearts and minds of the people who dwell within it; you can immediately tell the architecture of the Greeks and Romans versus the Japanese, and even see the difference in contemporary societies like the English and how their classical buildings differ so strongly from the French and Germans. This architecture is representative of a character of a people, how they see themselves, and a shared ancestral spirit.

So, what does the typical suburban dwelling say about us? That we revel in sameness, that the ideal living space is one that is easiest, cheapest, and fastest to build? Fact is, since large landowners started being the primary builders of housing in our state, the quality and aesthetics of our housing has dropped precipitously. Just take a look at some of the beautiful houses in old Santa Ana, Orange, and Anaheim and then compare them to the new neighborhoods constantly popping up in Irvine, where you see nothing but beige drudgery block after block.

So, what are we to do to combat this scourge of assembly line produced houses? Well, there are some great companies in the southern California area that can provide you with gorgeous houses designed with your aesthetic sense in mind, including the business we are spotlighting today.

Sailhouse Construction is a Newport Beach-based custom home building company that’s been helping Orange County residents break out of the humdrum industrial home production line and build one of a kind houses that manage to represent something other than what is cheap and most expedient for the land developers. Their homes range from ultra modern to a style reminiscent of the classical 50’s style Newport beach house look and feel, and each one is built with longevity and actual human habitation in mind.

The benefits of a custom made home don’t end at what the home provides to the person living in it. Custom made housing brings us back to a time where people were more connected to the places they lived, where each house was similar, but not the same, and was built and designed by the people who would be dwelling within. It creates a unique visual identity in a neighborhood and a city, which not only improves the mood and pleases aesthetic sensibilities, but also helps foster an environment where a community can develop.

So please, do your part in creating a shared history and community for our fair county. You’ll be doing you and the generations that follow a great service.

Sailhouse Construction


170 Newport Center Dr, Newport Beach, CA 92660

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