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Friendly Neighborhood Termite Extermination Company

Friendly Neighborhood Termite Extermination Company

So we have an interesting little story for you guys here, today. Originally, this article was going to be reviewing an Escape Room company that has a few locations in L.A. County and Orange County, but when we got to their main location, we ran into a situation that changed our mind.

During the interview with the owner, we heard some odd noises coming from the ceiling, followed by some dust. As we both looked up, a hole appeared suddenly in the drywall, out of which poured about 50 or so termites.

We both screeched and jumped away from the table that was serving as an interview desk as the insects began crawling around, trying to find their way back to their holes. Needless to say, the interview ended there with a call to a local pest extermination company that went by the name of Grand Oaks Termite Control.

The guys on the phone were professional, courteous, and made an appointment to go out and survey the damage free of charge within a week. They promised they’d not only get to the bottom of it, but to also provide help to repair some of the damage wrought by the termites if it wasn’t too expansive. Talk about service!

With the impression already made, I went online to find my thoughts of the company well reflected in the testimonials on Google and Yelp:

If you have any type of termites or wood boring insect infestations, GRAND OAKS TERMITE CONTROL is the professional GO-TO exterminator company to resolve your issues. The owner, Justin Mater is a fully state licensed termite control specialist and is very knowledgeable about termite infestation and approaches towards exterminating its colonies. what I especially liked was his work ethics….they came as early as 6am in the morning (ON TIME!) to work on & treat my property….very much a NO BS straight-forward extermination company which does not mess around!  If they said they will be there….they will be there to take care of your infestation problems! highly recommended!

Don Tamba, Google Review
Read John B.‘s review of Grand Oaks Termite Control on Yelp

I highly recommended Grand Oaks Termite Control.  I had an unusual situation where there were many areas of my wood paneling and roof that were affected by termites and wood rot. I have a decorative tree growing through the front part of my home which makes it very difficult to treat without damaging the tree. When Jason came for the preliminary inspection, he knew exactly how to effectively treat my home without harming my favorite tree. His estimate was very reasonable and his communication was top notch. He kept me appraised of all the curve balls and never stuck me with any unexpected cost. I was very impressed with the workmanship of his teammate Gary who took care of all the woodwork, a true craftsman. 

I can wholeheartedly recommend Grand Oaks without any hesitation.

– John B. (Yelp)

If you suspect that your home or business is infested with termites, do what the as-yet unnamed Escape Room designer (we’ll cover him later, promise!) did and give the guys at Grand Oaks Termite Control a call. They’ll get the termites out of your hair and repair any non-structural damage as well as a part of their service.

Grand Oaks Termite Control


110 S Worthy Dr, Glendora, CA 91741

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