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Inspiration Can Strike Suddenly

Inspiration Can Strike Suddenly

For many of us, 2020 was a year of languish, with much of the time spent staring off into space as emails and IMs poured in from colleagues at work pretending that they were still busy. You knew they weren’t busy, they knew they weren’t busy, but the illusion had to be maintained or people would either go insane from boredom or they would panic about the security of their jobs.

2021, on the contrary, has been a year of vigorous activity. Not only is consumer spending off the charts, but many are choosing to make the changes in their lives that have been in the works for years but never got the proper motivation to do so.

Whether it be quitting their jobs to go pursue a long-held dream (or just a job with better pay or conditions), or starting new remodeling projects that have been on hold, 2021 has been characterized by a burst of newfound energy that had been building up the previous year. Remodeling has been especially popular in the coastal southern California market as a massive increase in home prices compel many owners to forego buying a new home in favor of just modifying their existing abodes.

While many are inspired to do their own remodeling thanks to programs on channels like HGTV, most of us still depend on finding contractors to get the major jobs done. This goes double for specialty jobs, like making cabinets and creating countertops for kitchens.

Despite the glut of work, finding a good contractor is still just as difficult as it’s ever been. For Orange County, established companies like Inspired are providing excellent kitchen remodeling contractor work at higher volumes than ever.

Contractor firms like Inspired are in high demand, as evidenced by the high praise they’ve received on review sites such as Google and Yelp:

“About two years ago, Inspired Remodels remodeled my kitchen.  So, when I was ready to remodel my bathroom, they were my first pick.  I am so happy with the result.  They did a beautiful job, and the process was so painless.  They gave me a schedule and were able to stick to it perfectly, even completing the job earlier than predicted!  Each set of workers showed up on time, did quality work, and cleaned up thoroughly.  I was able to select my materials at their showroom, which made the process easy and stress-free.  Jason, who supervised the project, was very responsive whenever I had a question.  Both brothers, Joe and Jason, are very professional and easy to work with.” David Smith, Google Review

Read Debbie M.‘s review of Inspired Remodels on Yelp

“Inspired did an amazing job with our remodel.  From the start with the in depth review of designing with Joe, then to the walk through in our home with Jason and Colin, then to the actual remodel with all the trades was organized, thorough and professional! Everyone who came into our home was polite and cleaned up afterwards. We got a schedule from Bren and knew what to expect each day! And now we are so happy to enjoy our home! Thank you to Joe, Jason, Colin, Bren, Scott, Ulisees (so?), Jorge and all the trades for your amazing work!” Allene L., Yelp Review

If you’re looking to get your home remodeled before the year is out, get in contact with Inspired Remodels now, since it’s looking like this craze is going to continue well into the new year.

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