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A Yard to Die For

A Yard to Die For

Nothing quite demarcates an orderly household from a chaotic one than a well maintained, well designed landscaping. The way stones are ordered, the structures housing the flora, how the paths are set and where they lead to all create a singular complete image of how the person who owns the property’s mind works.

For those of us less well-suited for gardening and home construction projects that involve creating an entire outdoor kitchen and playground for both children and adults, we have to depend on the experts to create what we envision in our mind’s eye. These experts need to be not only adept at construction, they need to adapt their skills to the native architecture of the area they’re in and the building they’re working on. This level of skill and professionalism is quite hard to find, no matter where in the country you happen to be.

Lucky for those of us that live in Mission Hills and other communities orbiting San Diego, there’s a local landscaping company that has been consistently wowing the local home and garden publications with their ability to create the perfect orderly front- and back yard landscape: Torrey Pines Landscape Design company. A quick look through their portfolio of completed projects lends all the proof you should need of their impressive design and construction skills

The company works best when it’s presented with a unique challenge, like a particularly ugly yard or varied topography.  Torrey Pines has turned landscapes and yards that have been described as ugly messes even by the owners of the properties into award winning designs, as described by Ryan S. in his Yelp review of the company:

“We bought a home in the Crosby in Rancho Santa Fe, and it was an ugly mess of landscaping with a design that made the front look short and covered the back golf course view.  It needed a major beautification.  

We knew we needed Torrey Pines Landscaping, and their wonderful team lead by the humble Harry Thompson.  Harry has a servant’s heart plus a special talent for landscape design.  

Torrey Pines Landscaping transformed the ugly landscaping to an awarding winning design that ended up on the cover of San Diego Home/Garden.…

If you really appreciate great design, beautiful flowers and nature, and quality work, Torrey Pines Landscaping is the only choice!”

Torrey Pines has been providing landscaping in Mission Hills and surrounding areas for nearly 40 years and has been consistently awarded with industry accolades since its inception. The company’s portfolio includes designs of various cultural backgrounds, including Mediterranean, French, German, and Islamic styles and pieces incorporated into a dizzying array of high quality landscaping projects.

The quality of your landscaping is highly representative of how you view yourself and the world, and that reflection is readily apparent for anyone passing by and sneaking glances into your yard. It can mean the difference between your yard giving you a headache when you walk out into it or providing you with a welcome sanctuary from the world. Don’t sell yourself short, and don’t let your yard impart more chaos into your life.

Get your landscape redesigned today with our spotlighted company:

Torrey Pines Landscaping Company

(858) 454-1433

5560 Eastgate Mall, San Diego, CA 92121

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