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Fun In The Sun

Fun In The Sun

Summer is rapidly approaching in southern California, as we transition from the cool fog of late winter to the daily gloom of spring. With this near constant cloud cover, we know that soon we’ll be baking in the bright and powerful Cali sun.

That means we have just a few scant months left to start on our outdoor pleasure projects, the king of which is the outdoor kitchen. Gone are the days of simply having a dinky charcoal grill and a patio table; here are the days of the full outdoor kitchen, replete with the woodfire pizza oven, the aluminum wok, and the stately 6 burner stainless steel grill inset into a fabulous granite countertop.

While not all of us are looking to transform our backyard into a full-scale kitchen and entertainment zone, there are plenty of options in between the boring traditional setup we have now and the elegant cooking island found in the homes of the rich and famous. Whatever your plans may be, the fact remains that we’re quickly running out of time before the sun breaks through the gloom of late spring and begins necessitating a more outdoorsy life.

Your vision for an outdoor kitchen can take many forms: from the simple yet effective smoker to a full-scale rotisserie for your meat cooking needs; to either portable or stationary counterspace for your cooking prep; even an outdoor sink for hygienic purposes. Depending on your budget and your vision, you can have everything needed outdoors without the need to constantly shuffle back and forth from your kitchen as the cookout goes on.

An outdoor space is of course not limited to any one theme or use; you may want to entertain guests with features such as a putting course or gaming area, give them a place to cool their heels with water features like springs and fountains, or even provide a place to warm up once the sun sets with outdoor fireplaces. Whatever your plans may be, you need to the right help to plan out the space and implement your vision.

That’s where a company like Torrey Pines Landscaping comes into play: as one of the most decorated landscaping companies in southern California, they can help design and transform your yard into the outdoor space you’ve always dreamed of. They have created dozens of San Diego backyard kitchens that are as varied and unique as the homeowners who hired them.

Most homeowners have some latent desires for their landscaping that they believe to be a little too unique or extravagant to actually put into their yards; a quick perusal through Torrey Pine’s catalogue of past projects should be enough to disabuse them of any hesitation. With their ability to design, construct, and provide maintenance for their unique landscapes, there is no feature you can’t fit into your idealized yard space.

The spring bloom has come and passed; everywhere you go, flowers are already wilting and the sweet smell of citrus is wafting from the fruiting trees of yards in all directions. Don’t miss this chance to get working on the summer outdoor getaway of your dreams:

Torrey Pines Landscaping


5560 Eastgate Mall, San Diego, CA 92121

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