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The Award-Winning Landscape Company Turning Heads Across Southern California

The Award-Winning Landscape Company Turning Heads Across Southern California

From upgrading our bathrooms to redesigning our kitchens, it’s fair to say that HGTV has successfully made America obsessed with home renovations. People all around the country have Property Brothers or Fixer Upper blasting almost all day long as they putter around the house, occasionally glancing up to marvel at the incredible effects proper house updates can have on the look and feel of a home.

One essential part of proper home aesthetics is unfortunately neglected by the channel and its various offerings, however: proper landscaping. Nothing affects the energy of a home more than the walk up to the front door, and nothing can positively influence that energy better than good landscaping.

Luckily for us here in sunny southern California, we have access to some of the best landscaping companies in the country. Topping that list is San Diego’s own award-winning landscape construction and design firm, Torrey Pines Landscaping Company, who has been seriously topping the charts in terms of the transformative effects their work can have on a home.

The company employs the top landscaping architects to appraise the properties they’ll be working on and create unique designs that incorporate the physics of the land (topography, space) and the personalities and quirks of the owners. Each project can be considered industry standards upon which all future projects should be measured against, and this quick sampling of their reviews on houzz shows how ecstatic their clients are with their work:

Torrey Pines Landscaping was by far the best landscaper we have ever used. From the beginning Doug our landscape architect and project manager was dedicated to our project. If he said he would do something it would get done. The entire crew was at our house every morning until the project was complete and made multiple return visits to make tweaks to get things perfect. We have been so impressed and really enjoyed working with Doug, Dave, Marco and their entire crew. Our backyard was nothing special before, but now with TPL’s vision and attention to detail our backyard is amazing!!

Diane Severson, Houzz review

My wife and I hired Torrey Pines Landscape (TPL) to ‘upgrade’ our outdoor areas and we could not be happier.  From initial concept discussions, through design phase and later through execution, Doug Dilworth (our Landscape Architect) provided ‘great vision’, made valuable suggestions, listened intently and delivered on all the promises.  As the project unfolded, it was clear that Doug and the TPL team had our best interests at heart instead of what was best for TPL’s bottom line.  We are delighted with the results.  Our front patios and back yard look amazing and it all came in under budget.  We recommend Torrey Pines Landscape without hesitation.

Dario Santana, Houzz review

People pay top dollar to make sure the fixtures in their bathrooms are worthy of a few hundred likes on Instagram and shares on house inspiration Pinterest boards, you’d think they’d learn by now that nothing can turn the mood of a potential home buyer off like shoddy landscaping on their approach to the front door. Do yourself a favor: make sure they’re smiling by the time they’re walking up to the doorbell and get your landscaping in order by calling Torrey Pines:

Torrey Pines Landscaping Company


5560 Eastgate Mall, San Diego, CA 92121

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