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Beautiful Custom Homes of Newport Beach

Beautiful Custom Homes of Newport Beach

Welcome back to the best business guide in Southern California. Today, we are in for a treat. We are getting a guided tour to review five custom homes in Newport!

We will be following around the team from Sailhouse Custom Homes as they show us some of their favorite projects. No staple tract homes will be found here, only beautifully designed custom builds. We had an amazing day with their team and are excited to show you some of their work.

Lido Isle Home #1

Our first home is a beautiful family home down on Lido Isle in Newport Beach, CA. What I love about this house is that even though it is on an island, it feels like a modern take on a classic midwestern small-town home. It is pleasant and perfect. The home is light and airy and perfect for the happy family.

Lido Isle Home #2

The second home we saw can also be found on Lido Isle. It is just up the street and let me tell you, simply walking around the Isle on a nice spring day is an absolute treat. You’ll notice similarities between this home and the first one we saw. Both have plenty of large windows which allow in plenty of light and help you to feel connected to the outdoor Newport lifestyle.

Lido Isle Home #3

This is our third and final home on Lido Isle and I just had to show you the kitchen. I absolutely fell in love with it. It is fresh and clean and beautiful. The white marble, contemporary lights, and open concept make this an easy home to fall for. And don’t even get me started on the master bedroom and bath. I would move into this house tomorrow if it were available. The team at Sailhouse did an incredible job.

Peninsula Point Home

This is a rendering of a concept that they want to put in Newport. It is a completely modern beach house, perfect for the young couple fortunate enough to be able to live in this area. I love the floor to ceiling windows that line the main floor in the house.

Newport Heights Home

This is the last house for the day. As you can see there are a lot of similarities to the first house we saw on Lido Isle. This home has a nice white picket fence out front to give it a classic feel. Also, notice the upstairs balcony that opens up from the master bedroom. If you liked the first home we saw, then you will love this one!

That concludes our tour of homes for the day. I was completely blown away by the work that Sailhouse did. Not only where they wonderful hosts and guides, but the homes that they make are stunning. The next time I build a new house, I will make sure to be calling these guys.

If you are interested in contacting them about potential work you can find them here:

Sailhouse Custom Homes
170 Newport Center Dr Suite 220, Newport Beach, CA 92660
(949) 281-6044

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