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Finding the Right Electrician

Welcome one and all! You have found yourself on the best business review site in all of Southern California. If you are new here, we recommend the top businesses to use in Southern California. We know that it can be a pain to find a business that you can trust to do good work at an honest price and so we verify every business that we recommend by utilizing their service or product.

Today, we’re going to look at electricians in Orange County. Finding a good electrician can be tricky and frustrating, because most of us don’t often need to use one, but whenever one is needed, you know something went wrong. Imagine having the power go out at your house and not knowing what to do. You need your power to get anything done and you need it done quickly. You are completely at the mercy of your electrician, hoping that they will do good work and charge you a fair price.

It just so happens that I had first-hand experience with this last week. Something wasn’t working right in my house. I was pretty sure that it was my electrical panel, but beyond that I had no idea what to do! So, as it seems all people do nowadays, I went online and searched electrical panel repair orange county and found the Tradesman Electrician at the top of the results in Yelp. 

They had amazing reviews which was reassuring and I needed this done quickly, so I got in contact with them and they were able to come out that same day and fix my electrical panel! I was thrilled.

As we do with every review, I go through some key areas for the service that was provided and give you the real scoop on how it all went.

Pricing: They were able to give me a quote on the phone and after the work was done, I was charged exactly what I was quoted. I later went on and compared their quote to a few other electricians in the area and these guys ended up being one of the cheapest! Grade: A

Timing: I couldn’t have asked for better timing from them. Not only did they get back to my request right away, they were at my house actually working on the project just a few hours later. I was amazed. Grade: A

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