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Immigrating to Cali? Who’s On Your Team?

Have you watched or read the news lately? Immigration is often a large piece of whats being covered. Family’s being separated, people being deported, and now the possibility of restrictions on legal immigrants are all major reasons for concern if you have immigrated to the United States legally or illegally. So what are you supposed to do if you want to immigrate or you already have and want to become a citizen? The government will tell you to trust its process that is so clearly broken or extremely slow. If you are here illegally, you can’t really go to the government for fear of being deported after what was probably a very long and intense process just to make it somewhere safe. If you are planning on immigrating and want to try and follow the process, you should. That doesn’t mean you can’t get some legal help that may expedite the process and ensure you aren’t going to get the DC two step.

Luckily for people immigrating to California, there are many great law firms that will protect you with all the power of the law. At this point, its common knowledge that with the United Stated immigration policies and systems in such disarray, an attorney is a smart plan when deciding to immigrate. The real purpose of the business highlight of this week is to point out a firm that excels at helping families immigrate but also helping families that are already here. The more dire situations are normally with families that are here on a limited Visa or illegally. No one wants to be deported and these people need help. Lucky for anyone reading that falls into this category, we have an immigration law firm that we think can really help any immigrant in almost any situation. The attorneys at the firm have helped countless people and families stay together and stay in the states. We dare say they might be the best immigration attornys in Orange County. If you don’t believe us, take a look at them online! Their reviews speak for themselves:

“Immigration attorney kiran Nair is not only an amazing attorney who is 100% dedicated to every case she takes, but also a friend! My case was not easy. I had two DUI cases on my record and she fought for my green card. She helped me every step of the way. She was always available when I had questions, concerns or I was just scare and needed to be remind it everything was going to be ok! She made me feel safe in some sort of way. She was very profesional and always talk to me with the truth, for good or bad in my case. I’m writing this review with a lot of love, and feeling so many emotions! I am beyond thankful to Kiran. I had to leave the country for my interview and I remember her calling me all the time and reminding me I was going to be ok, telling me I was going to be back with my kids. She was always there and that’s something I’m always going to carry in my heart. All I could say is hire her! You won’t regret it!!!”

– Joanna C.

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